2019 program of Classes

February:  Padded Chair class by Linda Murray.  See below for materials list.

March:  Rope Bowl class by Judy Weber.  See below for materials list

April  Annual swap meeting and UFOs

May Challenge Stations:  Contact Linda Murray if you have a particular skill you’d like to share.  So far we have Karyn Dove-Mitchell on binding; Barbara Lane on joining angle seams; Judy Kampsnider and Ruth Knoch on mitered corners; Pat Pell on points (stars/flying geese); Jannette Miller on paper piecing; Cindy Broadway on squaring up quilts; Tess Pace and Sharon Bauer on help with their Janet Fogg quilts; and Mary Morton on hand quilting.

June  Colleen Pelfrey will join us to do her decolorant class.  Since she is an outside teacher, there will be a fee of $35 per student.  Linda will take your input from this meeting to decide which class to choose and will organize sign-ups as we get closer to the June meeting.

Decolorant Class Sample

Decolorant Class Sample

July:  No meeting.  Have a great summer.

August: Get ready for Fair.  Booth sign-ups, quilt show setup plans and small raffle organizing.

September:  Fair review and Oversized Christmas Stocking class by Linda Bell McDaniel

October 9 through 11:  Donna Greenwald (Poinsettia or Rooster)  Donna is also an outside teacher so if you want to sign up for this three day class, the fee will be $150.  There will still be a meeting on the Thursday, which everyone is welcome to attend.  Linda will organize a sign-up sheet next time.

November Christmas Party Gift Exchange Class

December : Guild Christmas Party

Materials List for February Padded Chair Class

Metal folding chair with padded seat back and padded seat bottom (try Walmart for under $20)

-    15" x 24" inch fabric for the seat back

-    22" x 22" inch fabric for seat bottom (or 15-2 1/2" fabric strips, or a quilt block)

-    Soft and Stable stabilizer 36" x 58" white or black 100% polyester (www.ByAnnie.com) under $20 (or any other heavyweight stabilizer)

-    Sewing machine

-    Coordinating thread for sewing and machine quilting

-    Walking foot is helpful but not mandatory

-    Basic sewing supplies

Materials List for March Rope Bowl Class

3/16" poly-reinforced cotton clothesline.  30 yards or less will make a medium basket.

(1 roll at the hardware store is about $10.)  Other sizes can be used but this is an easy one to start with.  Just make sure your clothesline is cotton and not plastic as plastic is hard on machine needles.

1 1/4 yards of fabric will make a small or medium basket with a lid.  Small prints more easily hide mistakes and batiks are good choices as they tend to fray less.  If the colors are right this is a good time to use those "ugly" fabrics and scraps you may not otherwise choose.

Prewashing is a good idea.  You will be cutting 1/2 to 3/4 inch strips. Any length is ok but the shorter your strips the more times you will have to stop and glue the ends. Longer strips are less frustrating as the process of wrapping the strips onto the clothesline can be tedious. 

(The fun part is zig-zagging it together.  That goes amazingly fast)

Fabric glue stick

Rotary cutter mat and scissors

LOTS of thread that will either match or blend with your fabric choices.  I sometimes use "invisible " thread when I can't make a choice and don't want to alter the color of the "ropes".  you will be using a tight zig-zag stitch.

New #80 or 90 universal or Sharp sewing machine needles or whatever your machine likes with a zig zag stitch on 

Something thick under the presser foot. 

Sewing machine that likes to do zig zag.  Some people prefer a walking foot depending how easily the wrapped clothesline moves under the presser foot.

Stiletto or small sharp scissors to help you move the project along without getting your fingers too close to the needle

Straight pins

Optional:  Fray check, heat bond or fusible web for fusing applique embellishments 

                extension table to give you more flat surface next to your machine

                Buttons, beads, feathers, laces or other fun embellishments

                small piece of painters tape to mark where you start sewing (Judy will bring a roll to share)

                Glue to attach embellishments that are not easily sewn on.